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Therapy The Beach

As a three sport high school athlete and a soon to be Division II college athlete, I’ve ran countless miles. All those miles rack up and tear down my body. Luckily, I found Liz and Steve to help me stay at peak performance so I can take on any challenge, whether it is on the trail or the track. Liz has a plethora of knowledge to help just about any issue. If you have extremely tight quads and calves like me, she is an expert at Myofascial release. She also has an EPAT machine to help boost a quicker recovery. Steve knows just the way to tape for a wide range of aches and injuries to keep you and I on our feet.

Last track season, I was third at the DIAA Division I Track State Championship in the 3200m race. This season, I was third at the DIAA Division I Cross Country State Championship, and I was named a member of First Team All-State cross country. The wonderful services available at Therapy At The Beach helped me stay healthy and ready to keep running. Liz goes above and beyond by being a caring and motivational person in your recovery process. I can’t say thank you enough!

K Arndt

Camden, DE

I highly recommend Liz Guida at Therapy at the Beach for any body work you may need to keep you moving and/or active! As a 57 year old triathlete, I beat up my body six days a week. Liz's in depth knowledge and talent keep me competing all year! Liz knows exactly what to do to prevent further issues and correct the current ones. She continues to train in her craft to learn new methods, and her drive to help people is amazing. Liz's quiet, supportive demeanor truly is the icing on the cake! You absolutely cannot go wrong with Liz!"

Jackie C.

Lewes, DE

I first went to Liz because my back was killing me, and she completely changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.

I developed scoliosis in my teens, wore a back brace that didn’t really work, and was in pretty much constant mid-level pain for 25 years. Doctors said the pain was just something I had to accept. Then came Liz.

When I first met Liz, I asked for deep tissue massage, but she suggested we try John Barnes Myofascial Release. I didn’t know what she was talking about but went with it, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Liz looked closely at the alignment of my body and then worked very deeply into my soft tissue with no messy oils. She didn’t just look at my bones, determine they were crooked, and give up like everyone else—she skillfully worked on the muscles at every layer to release years of tension and reposition both the muscles and the bones. In an hour the pain I’d known so well was just gone! And it has stayed away since. Now Liz works with me every few weeks to prevent any newer restrictions. Back pain is a total non-issue for me now, and my posture is much better too.

The benefits of working with Liz have gone way beyond my back. An athlete herself, she’s helped me unlock athletic potential I didn’t know I had. We’ve worked together to prevent potential injuries and to heal problems everywhere in my body before they really get to develop. Liz’s deep, deep work has helped me better deal with the stresses of a busy life, and it sounds crazy, but I have not even gotten a serious cold since doing regular myofascial release with her.

She taught me so many things and started me on my own MFR journey. I am healthier and more fit in so many ways now in my forties than I’ve ever been thanks to Liz.

Liz is unlike any other therapist. She’s got amazing intuition and creativity and wisdom that’s hard to articulate to anyone who hasn’t worked with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Lisa S.

Chevy Chase, MD

I have been going to Liz every month for over 1 1/12 years.
Her technique has improved my overall health and mental attitude tremendously.

My chronic small back pain issues I was dealing with for several years have been eliminated.

She has helped reduce the numbness in my toes.

She is now working with my diaphragm and bladder. I’m finding that her technique is allowing me to reduce my intake of prescription drugs for the bladder issues
I am a successful prostate cancer survivor (10 years).

She is very spiritual, professional, and has a wonderful personality.

I find each session gets better, and I leave feeling the benefits of her massage, physically and spiritually.

I now go twice per month for 2 hours. The investment for me has been a wonderful life change.

Bruce M.

Rehoboth, DE

Best massage at the beach or anywhere for that matter. No comparison if you need some relief and respite and I’ve had massages all across the country.
​Steve can help find the source of the problem, address the concern and leave you feeling better than you thought you could! He also offers helpful tips for follow up and stretching. So thankful!

Melissa M.

Lewes, DE

I had a car accident, and Liz & Steve gave me my mobility back. They are both caring and professional Myofacial Release therapists. I was so grateful every time I went for therapy. I highly recommend their MFR therapy healing. I miss you both since I have moved away. God bless you both and your staff.

Arlene F.

Orlando, FL

I have been going to Liz Guida for Myofascial Release for the last five years. She has given me back a life without pain. Tests had revealed nothing, and no medications or therapy helped. I had no idea what the myofascial was until Liz worked with me using this technique. There are many people out there in pain needlessly because they don’t know about Myofascial Release. Liz is an absolute joy just to be around! Thank you, Liz, for being so good at what you do and having such a passion for helping people and especially helping me get relief.

Beth L.

Millsboro, DE

I am a musician who suffered severe repetitive strain injuries years ago and was unable to play music for a very long time. After much trial and error and many setbacks, I slowly regained the ability to play my instruments but still suffered setbacks. Moving to the Delaware Beaches, I realized I could have the opportunity to return to orchestra playing, but could I deal with these barriers? I was very fortunate to find Liz Guida at Therapy At The Beach. The approach that Liz developed was tailored to managing my problems and has allowed me to return to orchestral playing. I now am a member of the cello section of the Dover Symphony Orchestra. Thank you, Liz!

Steve V.

Lewes, DE

I am a triathlete who has completed several Ironman events and has run the Boston Marathon several times. Side effects of all the training that needs to be done include muscle soreness, tightness, tiredness, and overall discomfort. Sciatica has been one of my major challenges. Fortunately, Liz is an experienced athlete that understands what I am going through. Myofascial release is one of her tools that I have found quite helpful. It is surprising to me how much it alleviates the pain in my muscles and body overall. It even energizes me to continue with my training. If anything, I should be going to Therapy At The Beach more often. Thank you, Liz, for your knowledge and understanding of what helps me without even saying it. You just know what needs to be done!

Victor E.

Lewes, DE